Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I'm back but no cards to show :o(

Hi All

I'm so sorry that I have been away for so long but our computer died 'big time' and lost so many precious things! Thanks to my partners lovely Stepdad we now have a working p.c and I can finally catch up on all I have missed. Also without blogging my mojo has been awol for such a long time that I need help to get it back!

Luckily I had all the kids pics on memory cards (and my partner wonders why I keep buying new ones when thay are full)! However there are things that I can't get back like peoples postal and email addresses that rather stupidly I hadn't written down :0( Also emails from a particular person who is so lovely to me (Tash Babe, it's you, how I've missed you as you always make me laugh) xxx

Anyway, I hope to catch up with all you lovely people that I have followed and who have followed me in the past but obviously it is going to take some time.

P.s My Birthday is coming up and I have asked for little bit of crafting cash from my parents but I have been out of the crafting loop for so long. If you had £30-£40 that you wanted to spend purely on crafting what would you buy?

We have been on hols for 4 nights last week to Butlins in Bognor and has a brilliant time watching the kids enjoy themselves (Pic's to follow) but I need to get crafting again. On holiday I asked my beautiful daughter Caitlin what she would like to do? The options were endless from beach to swimming, play areas to fair grounds but she said "Mummy and Caitlin do stamping and colouring"... How bad did I feel that my stamps and Promarkers were at home stuck in a box collecting dust over the last 2 months?

Hope you are all doing well and I'll visit very soon but I need to go to bed now so night all and thank you for being you :0)

Big hugs

Tammy xxx


  1. Great to see you back Tam - look forward to your forthcoming creations.
    I am saving for a cuttlebug so thats what i would use the money for lol
    Lisa ;)

  2. hiya tammy, its great to see you back hun.why don`t you buy yourself some of the new whiff of joy city girls.they are lovely.looking forward to seeing some stunning creations form you soon.luv coops.xx

  3. Hi babe
    So pleased to have you back :-) Who is this Tasha girl ?!?!?!? Cant believe you are better friends with another girl who has the same name as me, he he.
    Hold on to your money for a wee bit until I have spoken to you porperly. Nudge nudge wink wink