Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hard work, Excitement, Now wanting a little cry! lol...

Hi all

I hope you have had a wonderful Easter Weekend. Sorry for the lack of posts recently and also comments on your lovely blogs but I've been poorly although I'm getting better now. I'll be playing catch up in the week though :0)

I did 2 all day car boot sales this weekend. I battled through the very early mornings, ouch, Traders raiding my car as soon as I pulled up and one opening my car door and scaring the life out of me, cold wind and rain showers! Still I felt so happy that I had made enough money to buy all of the Whiff of Joy City Girls stamps and Willow writing recipes which I have wanted since they came out.

I have just been on WOJ site only to find out that 3 of them are out of stock. It's just my luck, lol. I really do feel like crying now...

Does anyone know anywhere else that I can buy them from without having to pay more for the stamps and postage please? I know that some places can sell them but not online but I don't know how to find out who stocks them.

Anyway that's my little moan over and I wish you all a great week and hope there is someone out there that can let me know where to buy them...

Thanks all and night night :0)