Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Craft stash boxed away longer than I thought :o( And some sad news :o(

Hi All

Hope you are all well and crafting loads.

As some of you are aware my craft stash is boxed up in order to have central heating installed. How I have missed my bits!

On Monday the guys came to start fitting our heating at 9 am but they were gone by 9.15 am. They were doing final checks before starting and found an unrecognisable material in the airing cupboard which could be asbestos so therefore can't do anything until material is checked!

I completely understand the safety issues as my ex boyfriend (whom I was with for 11 years and I still speak to weekly) told me his Mum was only diagnosed a week ago with lung cancer due to asbestos...

How I cried, she is a lovely lady who has been a healthy happy person since I met her almost 20 years ago. I have everything crossed for you Trisha and you will come through this. John, you are always in my thoughts and stay strong xxx

Love and Hugs to all

Tammy xx


  1. Hi babe
    Sorry I have been quiet but I have been in Yorkshire for work and then I got bloomin flu ! All seems a bit irrelevant tho reading what you have put. Not much I can say hon apart from that I am thinking about you and am always here

  2. Oh no - I hope it all works out