Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Challenge Blog - "A Gem of a Challenge"

Just a quickie as I should be in bed but I can't sleep! .

Today we've been trying to clear my crafting clutter and doing housework that has been forgotten about since attempting to get back into my card making.

Oh what a state we have got into! I have enjoyed finding things I had forgotten about and so have my little Caitlin and Lewis! Everything I want to get rid of they wanted to keep! Little Lewis just wants to eat everything and Caitlin wants to stamp everything even if there's no ink on it! So, If you have any tips on being a Mum of 2 little one's with a tidy house and yet still plenty of cleaning/crafting time then please let me know your secrets!!!

Anyway, as a bit of a 'time out' I thought I would have a little look at what us going on in the blogging world and I came across a new challenge, "A Gem of a Challenge", starting on the 8th February at 8.30am.

It is a monthly challenge (at the moment) and the lucky winner will get their choice of 2 of the lovely Pink Gem Stamps. I only have 3 Pink Gem stamps so far but a very large wish list too as they are beautiful stamps that give such clear images and great to colour in. Take a look at the range of stamps here :0) and please let your followers know too ;0)

I hope to see you in the first challenge :0)

Take care,


Tammy x

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  1. lock your craft room up! send the kids to boarding school! lol, just kidding, i have no idea, i have found mums sent their kids to their nans or something. Or stay up after they gone to bed to craft.